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          What are the specific aspects of the adjustment of the thread rolling machine?2020-04-10 09:36

          The thread rolling machine is relatively a medium-sized instrument, so what should I do if I want to adjust this machine? Never contact the thread rolling machine manufacturer as soon as there is a problem! I still need to understand some professional knowledge in this respect. Let me give you some popular science today!


          1. If you want to adjust the thread rolling wheel, first unscrew the screws inside the thread rolling wheel and remove the front axle.

          2. For the adjustment of the instrument, if it is the rolling method of the foot pedal, the rolling switch can be changed to the manual position to control the thread rolling wheel. In the case of automatic circulation, the machine can be modulated in automatic mode. In this automatic mode, the thread rolling shaft wheel is in a loop and repeating action all the time.


          3. The angle of the axle wheel is inclined. If this problem occurs, loosen the screws of the main turntable, and then gently rotate the axle wheel turntable to see where there are loose screws and tighten.

          4. The adjustment of the bracket, the bracket is the main workpiece as a support, which ensures the rolling of the two axle wheels. However, it should be remembered that as the diameter of the workpiece to be processed changes, the position of the bracket also needs to be changed accordingly.


          For the use of equipment, the workers who normally operate must know the correct operating specifications to avoid unnecessary trouble and damage to the machine. When choosing the machine, it is best to choose a direct sales thread rolling machine manufacturer, so that it will It is guaranteed.